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This is a preview of the introduction to Visualize Value's How to Visualize Value — Design Fundamentals.

What is Design For?

What we believe in at Visualize Value:

We're not here to make things for the sake of making things.
We're here to make things for the sake of making things better.

Because good design makes things work.

How can you make information more readable, more attractive, more memorable?

By organizing it visually.

Leveraging the Invisible

"The world rewards the people who are best at communicating ideas, not the people with the best ideas." — David Perell

Today, 80% of the value of the S&P 500 is comprised of intangible assets.

We also know that 70% of people consider themselves visual learners.

If you're reading this, chances are there is a component of what you do that operates in much the same way.

So much of the value we produce today is in how we think.

Visual communication, when leveraged well, creates a massive advantage.

This workshop has been developed to hone your ability to communicate visually, helping you create a deeper connection with a wider audience.

At the time of writing, we've leveraged these principles to build an audience of 165,000 on Instagram, and over 110,000 on Twitter.

Visualizing Your Value

We'll cover the theory behind articulating concepts visually and equip you with a set of simple visual design principles to refer back to as you develop your craft.

The outcome we want for you at the end of this course is the confidence and the information to begin experimenting with design as a tool to communicate more clearly.

If you enjoyed this excerpt, How to Visualize Value is available here.

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